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Pink Liquid

Introducing Enchanted, the mesmerizing first collection by GiGi x BarBella. Prepare to be charmed by the irresistible shimmer gloss that will leave you spellbound.



‘Starlight’ captures the magic of time, space, and the glow of moonlight; giving your lips a celestial shimmer that makes you feel like the center of the universe. 

Prosecco please

 ‘Prosecco Please’ lets you celebrate life with a touch of bubbly sparkle on your lips – it's like pouring yourself a glass of champagne for any occasion.  

wish granted

Make a wish because 'Wish Granted' is a reminder that you CAN turn your dreams into a reality, leaving your lips bathed in the magic of your heart's desires. 

Baby i'm golden

‘Baby I'm Golden’ imparts a radiant, award-winning glow that's as golden as your greatest achievements.

flashin' lights

'Flashin Lights’ captures the glitz and glam of walking the red carpet; giving your lips a sparkle that feels like you're constantly in the spotlight. 


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Sparkle, Shine, Slay

Hi there! I'm Gabriella Kurus, a content creator and makeup lover. I recently collaborated with BarBella World as GiGi x BarBella to create an enchanting collection called Enchanted, featuring five magical shimmer glosses. With over 250K followers on TikTok (@gigikurus), 4.5K followers on youtube (@gabriellakurus) and growing on Instagram (@gigikurus), I'm here to inspire and connect with you in the world of makeup. Join me on this beauty journey and stay updated on my collaboration with BarBella World by following me on TikTok, youtube and Instagram. Let's create some magic together! 

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