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Jennifer Sandroni

Couldn’t be happier with the lips @alyssastiversofficial you nailed it. It’s a beautiful color and so smooth. And the container? To die for! I cannot wait to get more colors #lipstick #mylips I miss you at the cafe but I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished


Brianna Millis

I'm absolutely in love with this lipstick! The color is "I AM STRONG." I don't even want to use it its so beautiful you outdid yourself


Tina Gray

Things got a little crazy today 😂 I was feeling playful and felt fierce in the I am motivated lipstick all thanks to @alyssastiversofficial So I went full out make up and even did lashes for the first time. Little to much for a day at home but it was SOO much fun and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this one.

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Alana LaCava-Hearn

I absolutely loveeee this eyeliner, it glides on perfectly and lasts all day. The packaging is amazing and sparkly. If I had to score it I would say 10/10”


Rita Azer

What I like about my lipstick is how light it is...I don’t feel it on my lips like some lipstick that feel heavy,greasy or a taste of perfume.. it stays on a long time and I forget I’m wearing it..I guess to sum it up in one word would be comfortable.

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