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If you strive to eat healthy, you may be familiar with avoiding foods that contain “empty calories.”

Nutrition experts often use the term “empty calories” to explain why certain foods are better than others at helping you lose or maintain weight.

But is this concept a bit outdated?

In theory, all foods can still fuel

the body with calories . and enjoyed in MODERATION.

empty calories is a term often used to describe foods with little to no nutrient value.

These foods don’t contain beneficial nutrients like protein, fiber, or healthy fats and typically are higher in total carbs, added sugars, and solid fats! these foods are easy to overate

i find it Funny with water , water, a food with zero calories, is not an empty calorie. Water is a vital nutrient. that’s why we push for half your body weight in oz to a gallon a day!

To make healthier food choices, it might be mentally easier to focus on what we can eat rather than what we can’t. go for veggies first!!


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