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How are you all doing with your nutrition!!!?

ive been ON POINT with my plan and I feel AMAZING!

we need to focus on our INSIDES right now, not how we PHYSICALLY look. We are all in this group right now because we are looking to change our physcial appearance correct?

some other mamas like me are constantly burning our post baby weight off! So we KNOW we aren’t in love with the physical, but the INSIDE is what counts most.

are you fueling your body with the proper nutrients it needs? Are you staying within your calorie range?

85% of our battle will be nutrition SO PLUG into what your body NEEDS on the inside because that will detox the fat and make the OUTSIDE look carved out like a diamond 💎 and no one can break a diamond!

if you need help with nutrition; check out the BarBella Bombshell subscriptions, find one that will work all around for YOU. ❤️


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