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Bombshell 75 HARD

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gooood morning! i have a few announcements for you all🤩

For 1- Jhon, Carrie & guys are doing AMAZING. so proud of you for physically and mentally pushing yourself this far! keep up your hard work, your worth it. your body is your temple! we feed it only the best. the best books & best foods!! our results are coming !

what book is everyone reading currently?

i just finished the audible: The Audacity to become a Queen and it was FIRE 🔥


i am getting feed back from a few people about the lagging with the app. i am going to call my provider and see if they can fix it! sorry for this!!


i know we are pushing through these 75 days but i am doing another group for 26 day program at the end of month .. this is a beta testing group for my program i’ve been tweaking — if any of y’all would like in for that we begin monday may 31; you will still follow your 75 hard guideline .. just include this workout regimen + meal plan!

let me know for this one because we will need to get your meal plan together!

have a fabulous day and don’t forget to hydrate !!!! 1 gallon of water


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