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Bombshell 75 HARD

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Hii everyone; this group is where I’ll be posting tons of content for the 75HARD!

If you have questions, please ask in here because if you have one, chances are someone else may too. *But also feel free to privately message me as well*

i see the best results when following My bombshell meal plan so make sure you’re all staying on track as well with your meal plan!!

I put together workout routines for you all that will begin on the day you chose to start the challenge !!

The workouts are written out so you can do them wherever you prefer! You really only need a small space to complete these workouts. If you are unsure of how an exercise is performed that I have in your routine I have all of them uploaded under each exercise , you choose if you can stick with the move provided or can do modification!

Let’s get to know each other!

Introduce yourself:

Let us know...

1. Where are you from?

2. What do you do?

3. What do you want to FEEL when you reach day 75?

4. Favorite part of your body?

5. Habit you want to change most?

6. 1 thing you’re grateful for!!!

Alyssa Stivers
Alyssa Stivers
Apr 17, 2021

HII ALL Im Alyssa Stivers I’ll start first ! 1. Bonita springs Florida 2. CEO BarBell BNF & teach others financial freedom through digital entrepreneurship 3. I want to FEEL disciplined & to KNOW I can do HARD THINGS!!! 4. Fav body part is my abs 5. Habit I want to change most is my OVER eating 6. I AM SO HAPPPPY AND GRATEFUL for the ability to live life by design!!



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