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Good Morning you all it’s 6am in South Florida! Got part of my personal development completed, and I’m currently journaling ✍🏽

I remember when I started my health, fitness & holistic healing journey in 2015, one book that truly helped set me up for success is ALL areas of my life is, The 12 week Year by by Brian Morgan.

I listen to ALOT if audio books especially when I started, because I HATED reading. But now I LOVE it & since this challenge is a total of 11 weeks (75 days) I decide to order the paperback version so I could really dig into this book again 📚

I encourage you all to check it out as well & let me know what you think!


what book have you read that REALLY geared up your motivation in the past!?? Share in the comments 😍💪🏽 #BombshellMindStrong


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